Society for Social Implications of Technology

About the Society:

The Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) is concerned with how technology impacts the world, and with how the application of technology can improve the world. The Society focuses on issues such as: humanitarian engineering; environmental issues including climate change, green technologies, and sustainable  design; privacy and security; other economic, health, and safety implications of technology; engineering ethics and professional responsibility; engineering education including k-12 and engineering education in social implications of technology; history of technology; public policy related to engineering, technology and science; health and healthcare technologies and impact; reliable energy and social issues related to energy, and social issues of information technology and telecommunications.

Field of Interest:

Focuses on bringing together practicing technologists and researchers to consider the social implications, both positive and negative, of technology and innovation on society; history of societal aspects of electrotechnology; useful public roles for technologists; and ethical, social and economic issues associated with professional practice. The society sponsors the annual International Symposium on Technology and Society.

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