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Sales and Marketing with Jack Derby @ Microsoft Technology Center
Dec 6 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Entrepreneurs’ Network Registration click here: Information for this event will be posted shortly. Event Schedule 7:00 pm ET – Introduction – ENET Chairperson’s announcements 7:10 pm ET – eMinute Pitch – Up to 3 Startup pitches 7:25 pm ET – Expert Panel – 4 expert speakers on the night’s topic 8:10 pm ET – Q & A – Moderator and Audience Q & A with the speakers 8:30 pm ET – Networking Panelists will be available afterward for responses to individual questions.
Sales and Marketing with Jack Derby @ Microsoft Technology Center & On-Line
Dec 6 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Entrepreneur’s Network

Attendees will have the option to join us in-person at the Microsoft Technology Center in Burlington, MA or online via Zoom.

Sales and Marketing with Jack Derby builds upon this year’s previous sessions. In this session, Jack will discuss the need for process to capture total value of a deal – how to distinctly describe your product or service. The need to be bold in asking questions and humble in answering questions. In a world of instant gratification, understanding your customer buying journey to realistic expectations for the customer and your fulfillment team. We are featuring Jack Derby, Mass High Tech All-Star, co-founder of 9 companies, an investor in 54 companies, and Professor of Entrepreneurship. Bring your questions, your startup challenges, and learn the steps required to drive your startup to success.


More information:

This is a hybrid event. You may choose to participate in-person or online.  In-person Participation (check-in begins at 6:00 PM):

PARKING: Free parking is available.

REFRESHMENTS: Pizza will be served.

COVID POLICY: You are required to provide proof of vaccination or self-attest to having received a negative COVID-19 test within the previous week via HealthCheck. Attendees who do not upload proof of vaccination must wear a face covering onsite.

Online Participation: Zoom links will be sent to all registrants after registration.

COST AND RESERVATIONS: This event is free for ENET members and $10 for non-members. Click here to learn how to become a member.  To expedite sign-in for the event, we ask that everyone — members as well as non-members — pre-register. If you cannot pre-register, you are welcome to register in person at the door while seats are available.

 Event Schedule

7:00 pm ET – Introduction – ENET Chairperson’s announcements

7:10 pm ET – eMinute Pitch – Up to 3 Startup pitches

7:25 pm ET – Expert Panel – 4 expert speakers on the night’s topic

8:10 pm ET – Q & A – Moderator and Audience Q & A with the speakers

8:30 pm ET – Networking

Panelists will be available afterward for responses to individual questions.


Jack Derby

CEO, professor, entrepreneur, venture investor, board member & management coach

Jack is a professor within the Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts where he teaches separate courses in marketing and in sales. Jack has taught at Tufts for 17 years and was the prior director of the Center which consists of 16 professors and 800+ students a year constituting the largest minor on campus. The Center encompasses the study and practice of entrepreneurship through all the 11 Tufts schools.

Jack individually coaches 20-40 Tufts student startups each year. Today, he continues to teach a marketing course and a sales course in the Center, where he received the Henry & Madeline Fisher award voted by students as the highest rated professor on campus in the School of Engineering. For 22 years, he has taught business planning and marketing in MIT’s Mechanical Engineering Department where he continues to teach. In 1990, Jack founded Derby Management, a regional consulting firm specializing in strategic and business planning with deep expertise in the specializations of business planning, sales productivity and marketing optimization. Prior to starting Derby Management, Jack was CEO of Mayer Electronics and President of CB Sports. He is or has been a board member of 21 companies. Jack’s 17 years of corporate background consisted of being President of Litton Industries Medical Systems, CEO of Datamedix and Executive Vice President of Becton Dickinson Medical Systems, a market leader in hospital monitoring.

For his work as an entrepreneur, Jack was named to the Boston Business Journal’s Mass High Tech’s All-Star Team, he received MIT Enterprise Forum’s Vince Fulmer Award for his work as Chairman, and in 2019, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Corporate Growth of Boston for his work as long-term Chairman of this leading M&A organization. Jack has founded or co-founded nine startups over the years acting as CEO in eight. He has just co-founded a science-based beverage company with a leading Tufts nutrition professor and two nutrition scientists. Today, Jack is an active and highly engaged board member with a long prior investing history as an early-stage investor as General Partner at Kestrel Ventures and Chairman of Common Angels. He is currently a General Partner at Converge Ventures.

Moderator and Organizer

Dan Skiba

Managing Director, Skiba Advisory Associates; VP Printed Electronics, Chasm Advanced Materials; Vice-Chair, Programs, Boston ENET

As a Product Development Company Executive, I provide strategic leadership in product innovation, and managing global teams, delivering award-winning products to the international market. My ability to problem solve, direct the entire product development lifecycle, and gain commitment to a common goal have driven faster release of products and market penetration. By building synergies across all Product Life Cycle disciplines, we have delivered products that result in 100% product utilization and seamless integration into customer environments. My skills in optimizing international resources have significantly reduced costs and streamlined production, delivering product excellence.


Digital Signal Processing for Wireless Communications (DSP) – Webinar Course @ Webinar
Dec 8 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm


First Video Release and Orientation Thursday, October 27 2022, 4:00PM – 4:30PM.  Additional videos released weekly in advance of that week’s live session!

Live Workshops:  4:00PM – 5:30PM, November 3, 10, 17 and December 1, 8

Attendees will have access to the recorded session and exercises for two months (until February 8, 2023) after the live session ends!

Speaker:  Dan Boschen

IEEE Member Fee:  $190.00

Non-Member Fee:  $210.00

Decision to run/cancel course:  Monday, October 24, 2022


New Format Combining Live Workshops with Pre-recorded Video

This is a hands-on course providing pre-recorded lectures that students can watch on their own schedule and an unlimited number of times prior to live Q&A/Workshop sessions with the instructor. Ten 1.5 hour videos released 2 per week while the course is in session will be available for up to two months after the conclusion of the course.

Course Summary

This course is a fresh view of the fundamental and practical concepts of digital signal processing applicable to the design of mixed signal design with A/D conversion, digital filters, operations with the FFT, and multi-rate signal processing.  This course will build an intuitive understanding of the underlying mathematics through the use of graphics, visual demonstrations, and applications in GPS and mixed signal (analog/digital) modern transceivers. This course is applicable to DSP algorithm development with a focus on meeting practical hardware development challenges in both the analog and digital domains, and not a tutorial on working with specific DSP processor hardware.

Now with Jupyter Notebooks!

This long-running IEEE Course has been updated to include Jupyter Notebooks which incorporates graphics together with Python simulation code to provide a “take-it-with-you” interactive user experience. No knowledge of Python is required but the notebooks will provide a basic framework for proceeding with further signal processing development using that tools for those that have interest in doing so.

This course will not be teaching Python, but using it for demonstration. A more detailed course on Python itself is covered in a separate IEEE Course “Python Applications for Digital Design and Signal Processing”.

Students will be encouraged but not required to load all the Python tools needed, and all set-up information for installation will be provided prior to the start of class.

Target Audience:

All engineers involved in or interested in signal processing applications. Engineers with significant experience with DSP will also appreciate this opportunity for an in-depth review of the fundamental DSP concepts from a different perspective than that given in a traditional introductory DSP course.

Benefits of Attending/ Goals of Course:

Attendees will build a stronger intuitive understanding of the fundamental signal processing concepts involved with digital filtering and mixed signal analog and digital design. With this, attendees will be able to implement more creative and efficient signal processing architectures in both the analog and digital domains. The knowledge gained from this course will have immediate practical value for any work in the signal processing field.

Topics / Schedule:

Class 1: Correlation, Fourier Transform, Laplace Transform

Class 2: Sampling and A/D Conversion, Z –transform, D/A Conversion

Class 3: IIR and FIR Digital filters, Direct Fourier Transform

Class 4: Windowing, Digital Filter Design, Fixed Point vs Floating Point

Class 5: Fast Fourier Transform, Multi-rate Signal Processing, Multi-rate Filters

Speaker’s Bio:

Dan Boschen has a MS in Communications and Signal Processing from Northeastern University, with over 25 years of experience in system and hardware design for radio transceivers and modems. He has held various positions at Signal Technologies, MITRE, Airvana and Hittite Microwave designing and developing transceiver hardware from baseband to antenna for wireless communications systems. Dan is currently at Microchip (formerly Microsemi and Symmetricom) leading design efforts for advanced frequency and time solutions.

For more background information, please view Dan’s Linked-In page at:

Dec 14 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Boston/Providence/New Hampshire Reliability Societies

To view complete details for this event, click here to view the announcement

Sponsor:   Please visit

FREE Webinar

Location – This Webinar is to be delivered virtually.


“Open Reliability is dedicated to the development and use of reliability engineering and operations research applications under the open source paradigm.

Too often it is observed that engineers will choose to base decisions on what is believed to be the correct result from a shrink- wrapped program without actually understanding what has really taken place ‘under the hood’. Indeed, some argue that their analysis may be superior, simply based on the popularity, or even expense, of the software used to generate a result. The goal here is to openly present the inner workings of various analytical techniques in a way that encourages deeper understanding of the basis for analysis. Turning these techniques into useful software may be a beneficial result, but not an end in itself.”

The IEEE Boston Reliability Group presentation is expected to include a fast paced perusal of published tutorial type documents and pages. These cover topics from installation of R and acquisition of the relevant R packages to some interesting uses. We can pause for discussion throughout. However, it is expected that those interested in the topics can circle back to absorb the material on their own time. The presenter remains available to handle individual guidance at

The following Reference Pages are provided:





At registration, you must provide a valid e-mail address to receive the Webinar Session link approximately 15 hours before the event.  The link will only be sent to the e-mail address entered with your registration.  Please double-check for spelling errors.  If you haven’t received the e-mail as scheduled, please check your spam folder and alternate e-mail accounts before contacting the host.

Contact:  Michael W. Bannan, Chair – IEEE Boston/Providence/New Hampshire Reliability Chapter


  • No Admission Charge

Speaker:  David Silkworth


Is a retired engineer from Air Products. He has had much field experience ranging from producing liquid hydrogen fuel for the space shuttle, to tonnage oxygen/nitrogen and hydrogen/carbon monoxide production, electric power cogeneration, and ultra pure gas supply systems for electronics fabs. For the final 18 years of his career, David was responsible for establishing reliability engineering work practices for a global work force.

In retirement David has developed a series of packages that operate in the open source R statistical computing environment. These packages are intended to provide a soft introduction to R for reliability engineers, while delivering high quality tools for these practitioners.

Beyond such reliability interests, David is an avid instructor for sailing and scholastic wrestling in Vero Beach, Florida.


11:00 AM Technical Presentation

11:45 AM Questions and Answers

12:00 PM Adjournment

The meeting is open to all.  You do not need to belong to the IEEE to attend this event; however, we welcome your consideration of IEEE membership as a career enhancing technical affiliation.

There is no cost to register or attend, but registration is required.  Register

Cybersecurity – Vulnerability Management and FDA Compliance @ WPI Seaport and On-Line
Dec 14 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Engineering in Medicine and Biology co-sponsored by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Speaker:  Dr. Anita Finnegan of Nova Leah

Learn about the latest on Cybersecurity from Industry Experts & Network with the local Boston EMBS chapter and professionals, at the beautiful Seaport location

Attendees will have the option to join us in-person at the WPI Seaport, MA location or online via Zoom.


Networking Sessions: 6:00PM – 6:30PM, and 7:30PM – onwards

Technical Presentation – 6:30PM – 7:30PM

This is a hybrid event. You may choose to participate in-person or online.

In-person Participation (check-in begins at 6:00 PM):

PARKING: Free parking is available

REFRESHMENTS: Available to attendees on-site at no cost.

Online Participation:
Zoom links will be sent to all registrants after registration.


Speaker:  Dr. Anita Finnegan of Nova Leah


– FDA Submission

– SBOM Monitoring

– Threat Modeling

– Cybersecurity Risk Analysis


Dr. Anita Finnegan is the Founder and CEO of Nova Leah, a world leader in the provision of cybersecurity risk management solutions for connected medical devices. SelectEvidence® from Nova Leah is the first risk management tool in the world to deliver medical device compliance across multiple international standards. Anita is a global expert in cybersecurity for medical devices. She has authored two internationally regulated industry standards for medical equipment – ISO/IEC 80001-2-8 and ISO/IEC 80001-2-8.

Through her work with Nova Leah, Finnegan has won multiple awards for innovation, security, and technological impact. Nova Leah was named Emerging Company of Year at the 2019 Technology Ireland Awards in association with Ibec and was runner-up by Digital Europe for the European ‘Future Unicorn Award’ in 2020. Most recently, Dr Finnegan was named as a finalist in the EU Women Innovator Prize and won the 2020 Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Entrepreneurship Award. Nova Leah was featured in WIRED Magazine as one of ‘Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups’ and Finnegan was listed in ‘50 Female Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Know’ by Crunchbase. As a global cybersecurity authority, Anita acts as an advisor to a number of government bodies.


2023 Slate of Officers – Petition Deadline December 17, 2022

Nominations Committee Report to IEEE Boston Section Executive Committee.  Accepted by the Executive Committee via email vote.

2023 Slate of Officers
Chair: Rui Ma
Vice – Chair: Maira Samary
Secretary/Treasurer: David Mendonca
At-Large (2023 – 2024)
Len Long
Karen Panetta
Soon Wan

Additional nominations may be made by a petition signed by at least 25 voting members of the Section and submitted to the current Section Secretary no later than 30 days after the announcement to membership, (November 17, 2022). Petition deadline, December 17, 2022.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Panel at the 2022 IEEE Convene Meeting held in Boston on October 28, moderated by 2022 IEEE Boston Section Chair, Denise Griffin (center).  Panel speakers: Kathy Herring-Hayashi, Region 6 Director Elect (left); Maira Samary, 2022 IEEE Boston Section Treasurer (right); and Dalma Novak, Division 10 Director (not pictured). 


IEEE Boston Section recognized for Excellence in Membership Recruitment Performance


IEEE HKN Ceremony

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