Boston Section Leadership Resources

Taking a volunteer leadership role for the IEEE Boston Section, Boston Chapters and Affinity Groups, or Boston Section Conferences is a significant additional step in a volunteering decision. The impact of your efforts are a factor greater, however, the rewards are just as great and usually much more varied. Leading volunteers takes commitment, ability to grow in areas that will expand your knowledge, and learning new decision-making skills. If you are a current volunteer, thank you. If you are interested in learning more, then read through some of the resources here, talk to the current and past leadership, and look for opportunities that leverage your strengths, or opportunities where you can stretch yourself. Volunteering is a rewarding experience, leading volunteers is an extremely rewarding moment in many people’s lives.

Here are some resources that are critical to your success:

IEEE Identity and Logo Use Guidelines

Leadership Courses Required by IEEE

Links to IEEE Volunteering Section, including forms for expenses, and governance.