Senior Member List

The following list contains IEEE Senior Members (or higher) willing to serve as a reference for grade elevation for our IEEE Boston Section. Clicking on a name will bring up their MyIEEE MemberNet Profile.
Click Send Message in blue on the right side of a Member Profile after reviewing competences to kindly ask for permission for review.

  1. Charles Recchia
  2. Robert Vice
  3. Fausto Molinet
  4. Gim Soon Wan
  5. Denise Griffin
  6. Joseph Randolph
  7. James Yakura
  8. Aaron Dermarderosian
  9. Daniel Weidman
  10. Robert Del Mastro
  11. Vera Tice
  12. Ramon de la Cruz
  13. Michael Aldrich

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Guide for Becoming a Reference

Thank you, Fellow or Senior Member, for being a reference and vetting our standard members.

As a Fellow or Senior Member, when you are asked to be a reference for a Senior member applicant, you may request that the applicant send you their resume or CV on which to base your recommendation.

It is generally helpful that you know the applicant personally or professionally, but this is not a strict requirement.

For applications submitted via the Web-based online application, references will receive an e-mail to complete the reference form immediately after the applicant enters your member number on their application. You will be instructed to log into the IEEE Senior membership portal to complete the reference form. The Review Panel members evaluating Senior member applications rely heavily on the endorsement and comments provided by the reference. Please take this into consideration when you complete the reference form.

Review the requirements that the applicant has to meet to qualify for IEEE Senior Membership.

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