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Procedure to Submit Course Proposals for the IEEE Boston Section Continuing Education Program

A word about our processes

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The IEEE Boston Section is the largest and most active section of the 350 IEEE sections worldwide. The local IEEE Boston Section supports over 8,000 members and over two hundred volunteers to help develop and implement strategies to accomplish its many goals. The IEEE Boston Section organizes and offers more than 120 free technical chapter talks, over forty short courses and as many as four topical conferences each year.

One of the many goals of the IEEE Boston Section is to provide the local technical community with quality, affordable, state-of-the-art professional development training. The IEEE offers its courses geared to the working professional. The courses should be organized with an applications oriented focus and have specific, immediate benefits to help the attendee perform their job better.

Our courses range from 6 hours (single-day) to as many as 30 hours (multi-evening). Many factors determine the format of the course; the instructor’s schedule, how the subject matter is best learned by the attendees, etc. Also, being a
501(c)(3) non-profit, and keeping a close eye on costs, the IEEE can offer its courses at a lower fee than many other associations and almost all for-profit organizations. We do offer an honorarium to those speakers that make a request.

All course proposals are reviewed by the Lecture Series Planning Committee for appropriateness, technical merit, and to offer recommendations to help structure and focus the course to be more beneficial to our audience, before being offered as part of our continuing education program. We seek instructors that can provide the technical skill, knowledge and experience in their specific field to benefit the local working professionals.

Proposal Submittal Process

The following information is required to submit a proposal to the Educational Activities Committee. Once this proposal is received, it will be reviewed by the committee and accepted or rejected for the continuing education program of the IEEE Boston Section. The IEEE Boston Section office will follow up on communications with the organizer or lecturer. The goal of the proposal is to determine if a given course is appropriate for the IEEE Boston Section. This does not need to be a formal proposal.

Important Dates

Proposals are due by December 15 for the spring program and July 15 for the fall program.

How to Submit a Proposal

Please use the following "Course Proposal" form to submit your proposal.


Any questions can be directed to the IEEE Boston Section Business Manager, Bob Alongi at, or 781-245-5405.



Speaker Contact Information

All fields in this speaker contact table are required except for "address 2".

Speaker contact information
First name
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Street address
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Organizer / Submitter Contact Information if different than speaker
First name
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Course Information
1 Title of course
2 Subtitle if applicable
3 Type Lecture Lab
4 Format All day(s) Once a week at night for nights.
5 Duration of course How many sessions?
How many hours each session?
6 Preferred dates and hours
7 Introduction, technical background to the course and motivation (why is the course useful to IEEE Boston members -- 1 to 2 paragraphs)
8 Outline of the topics to be covered [bullet and 1rst sub-bullet level]
9 Target audience
10 Benefits of attending
11 Short one paragraph showing lecturer’s expertise in the field and lecture experience
12 Material with course (notes, text) if a text, and known, as much information as you can supply
13 A/V requirements
14 Honorarium requirements (if any)
15 For publicity purposes, list other professional societies that may have interest in the course. (spell them out, no acronyms)

Please check to assure accuracy before submitting this form.

Submit only once. It may take a few moments to get an acknowledgment. Reset clears entire form.

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