Distinguished Lecture:  New Drone Operations: UAV Technology, Regulations, and Applications

April 26, 2023 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Aurora Flight Sciences (a Boeing Company)
314 Main St
17th Floor, Cambridge, MA

IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) and Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Boston


Speaker: Vince Socci, CTO of On Target Motion and Director of Product Cost at Blue Origin

Distinguished Lecture Abstract:

Drone operations are becoming more commonplace in society.  Any adult may purchase a drone for hobby operation and may choose to pursue licensing for commercial operation. The skills needed to understand and properly use a drone must be learned in order to become a successful operator. A new pilot may become more effective by understanding drone technology.  A new business operator can be more profitable by understanding relevant drone applications. The FAA maintains rules for drone registration, pilot licensure, and operation.

The purpose of this lecture is to prepare the public to be knowledgeable users of drone technology, effective strategists in drone business applications, and good citizens of drone operator regulations and policies. An orientation of UAV technology, operating regulations, and business applications is provided.

Vince Socci Bio:

Vince Socci is the CTO of On Target Motion and the Director of Product Cost at Blue Origin. At OTM, he provides engineering services for aerospace, automotive, rail, marine, and other safety-critical applications. At Blue Origin, he manages the product cost of rocket engines. Previously, he led National Instruments automotive business development throughout the Americas, where he provided business and technical support for customers in automotive, off-highway, and rail validation applications, with emphasis in electric vehicles and ADAS. With 30 years of experience in aerospace, automotive, rail, power electronics, and medical systems, he has engineered systems in the most complex applications. His specialized areas of interest are embedded controls, real-time test, and systems engineering for vehicle-based applications.

In the early 90’s, Socci designed the first electronics for the Cummins B-series diesel engine, which are still in use today. In the mid-90’s, he developed power controllers for GE locomotives. Late-90’s and 2000’s, he led the development of the HybriDrive HEV powertrain, which was used on various platforms from commercial buses and taxis to military trucks. Through the 2000’s and 2010’s, he led the development of aero and auto vehicle control systems for power, communications, fueling, radar, motor controls, and unmanned systems. He was the Director of Large Transport Fuel Systems for Parker Aerospace, leading the development of the A350XWB aircraft to first flight. Socci then developed advanced validation systems for automotive powertrain, body/chassis, and autonomous applications, using simulation/emulation architectures, products, and workflows to solve automotive product development challenges. Currently, he is focused on aerospace innovation including commercial space transportation and UAV development.

He holds a BS in electrical engineering, MS in electrical engineering and MBA in technology management. Socci has served on the Board of Directors and governing boards of several professional societies, including IEEE, SAE, and PMI. He also serves as an expert witness in aerospace, automotive, and medical device litigation.

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