Making You a Leader – Fast Track

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Fall 2016 Course

Date: Wednesday, November 30

Time: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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Speaker: Robin Goldsmith, President, GoPro Management

Course Overview:

Making You a Leader – Fast Track

We do projects to make change. Yet, change will not occur without leadership, and leaders are rare. Leaders make others want to do what the leader wants done. Leaders cause ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. Managing is not the same as leading, and titles do not make leaders. Seminars can teach you to manage, but they cannot teach you to be a leader. Rather, making a leader takes special techniques—such as our personal development clinics—that can change deep-seated behaviors learned over a lifetime. However, since clinics usually last about ten weeks, this mini-clinic was devised as a more convenient alternative. This format places responsibility upon the participant to carry out an extended informal follow-on program after completion of the formal seminar workshop session. During the follow-on period, the participant uses time-condensed methods that simulate the lifetime learning which makes a leader. Therefore, commitment to carrying out these exercises is essential for successful transformation.


  • Leadership characteristics and practices that are essential for project and personal success.
  • Differences between management and leadership, how they conflict, and why leaders are so rare.
  • Behaviors leaders use to influence others, up and down, to want to do what the leader wants them to do
  • Special techniques personal development clinics use to change lifetime learning and make leaders.
  • How to employ those special techniques in a follow-on mini-clinic to develop the leadership skills they need to make their projects successful.

Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for business and systems professionals who want to improve their ability to lead and influence other people.

Course Outline

How leadership looks and feels
Management vs. leadership
Leadership components of project success
Basic leadership practices; power sources
Real change leaders in organizations

Everyone feels leadership is lacking
Everyone thinks s/he is a leader
Results, not actions or intent
Workgroups, teams, and leaders
Situational leadership styles
Coaching and sports analogies to projects

Gaining commitment to project success
Communicating that influences others
Addressing negativism and groupthink
Conscious and unconscious messages
Greatest management principle
Hierarchy of needs effects on projects
Hygiene factors vs. motivators
Helping project players get their rewards
Influencing up and down without authority
Inspiring the extra efforts projects need
Energizing the project team

Relating values and vision to projects
Getting others to embrace one’s vision
Developing a motivating project vision

Born or made? How do we know?
Habits of thought that affect project success
Overcoming self-limiting lifetime learning
Leader’s critical success factors
Traditional education doesn’t make leaders
Special way—personal development clinics

S.M.A.R.T. goals for self and project
Action plans to achieve your goals
Visualizing and emotionalizing

Clarifying project leadership objectives
Breaking into prioritized subgoals
Establishing rewarding daily achievements
Special techniques to change habits

Working with a follow-up support structure
Mapping results regularly to goals
Objectively recording leadership changes
Self-leadership through the process

Speaker’s Bio:

Robin F. Goldsmith, JD is an internationally recognized authority on software development and acquisition methodology and management. He has more than 30 years of experience in requirements definition, quality and testing, development, project management, and process improvement. A frequent featured speaker at leading professional conferences and author of the recent Artech House book, Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success, he regularly works with and trains business and systems professionals.