Entrepreneurs’ Network Affinity Group

Founded in 1991, The Entrepreneurs’ Network has been instrumental in the formation of more than 25 companies, and its participants have conducted substantial business through networking.

The IEEE Entrepreneurs’ Network is a special interest group of the Boston Section of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), the world’s largest professional organization with 375,000 members worldwide. The Boston Section provides nearly 20 meetings on technical and professional interest topics each month. Information on upcoming meetings and events is published monthly by the Boston Section of the IEEE in its newspaper The Reflector which is distributed to 17,000 IEEE members in the New England region.

The Entrepreneurs’ Network holds monthly meetings, in Waltham MA open to the public. We bring together over 100 CEOs’ Entrepreneurs, Investors, Service Providers, and Management Team Candidates and provide the resources necessary to start and build companies. At each meeting experts speak in depth on subjects of interest to entrepreneurs, including: Business Plans; Raising Money; Legal Aspects of Business; Finances; Strategic Alliances; etc.
Intersted in becoming a member? Online membership registration is available, or for more information, download the membership form.