High Performance Project Management – Online Course

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Tony Roberts, team Builder Leadership institute.

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Not required, however a basic understanding and some experience in Project Management would reduce the information acquisition time and required exposures to the information.

Who Should Attend

New, current, or future project managers who would benefit from an understanding of how to streamline projects and learn to bring the project in: on time, on or under budget, with the quality required—consistently.

Course Description:

This 12 hour course (broken into short 10 to 20 minute independent modules) provides the project methodology, concepts, and techniques that ensure successful completion (on time, on budget, with the quality required) of projects, large and small. Participants learn the steps to take before, during, and at the end of a project to hone planning and execution to a strategically built process that delivers project success when used. Additionally, the course provides the interpersonal and leadership techniques to ensure everyone involved with the project whether a team member, organization member, or outside of the organization commits to the success of the project—voluntarily—and provides the support and assistance to ensure its success. In addition to learning how to master the technical skills that have evolved over thousands of years of project implementation and practice, the course provides the advanced team building, leadership, and interpersonal skills that ensure the technical skills can be used, they way they are designed to be used, resulting in a process that delivers the on time, on or under budget, with the quality required completed project consistently.

Course Objectives

  • The fundamental skill sets of the master project manager that makes him or her a master communicator, leader, negotiator, problem solver, and influencer.
  • Preparation techniques to ensure you have the resources required and leadership support for success before you begin. Techniques to identify the key players of a project (people who can affect its success or failure) and get their full support.
  • Key communication process for identifying and communicating to stakeholders so they are positive and supportive of the project manager.
  • Key skills and techniques to ensure the SCOPE or definition conversation of the project provides an ironclad definition of what the project is (exactly) so the project begins with no scope creep and everyone is working on the same project.
  • Methodology (Provides the software and a demonstration) using software, research, and questing techniques to ensure your SCOPE conversation is led by the project manager, removes miscommunication and conflict, and quickly produces a written agreement on the SCOPE that all sponsors agree on and leave with a copy of.
  • Provides the communication process (Integrated Communication Process) that is used to request or provide for project change so everyone is always working on the same project with no SCOPE creep.
  • Methodology to create the project life cycle for a single phase or multi-phase project lifecycle.
  • Skills to using the five process groups as the backbone of a project to ensure and add definition and specificity to the planning and executing of a project, making the steps more understanding and exact throughout a project.
  • The tools and techniques to decompose a project and create a master list the specifically spells out who, must use what, on what tasks, for every task to create the project successfully. When created and used correctly this process (Work Breakdown Structure) provides a clear and detailed road map to follow to an on time, on budget, with the quality required successful project.
  • Techniques to identify and store historical data so future projects can be accomplished using template reducing planning and preparation time exponentially and increasing execution expertise and speed greatly.
  • Tools and techniques to balance the four factors of project management: time, cost, people, and quality.
  • Techniques to identify project risk and formulate clearly defined planes based on a proven matrix of responses to frequently experienced project challenges.
  • Tools to deal with the human discomfort with change. How to prepare for it and remove the angst.
  • How to use the Gantt and Pert charts and determine the best tracking and management device for your project.
  • Techniques to perform and critical path analysis and ensure that none of your tasks are behind before you even begin to work on your project.
  • Identify software that supports basic and advanced level projects. Learning which support simple projects and what is available for tracking and managing multiple and complex projects.


This course is accompanied by a complete workbook to increase learning acquisition and information retention, as well as provide reference materials.

Also offered is a free 50 question Project Management Professional (PMP) practice test.  If you’re looking to get PMP certified. For $12.95, we also have a 150 question comprehensive (PMP) practice test/training. Any questions missed and the participant is given the correct answer straight from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).   For more information:  http://theteambuilderadrc.com/

Speaker biography

Anthony Roberts (Tony), (AKA: The Team Builder) holds a graduate degree (Cum Laude) from Troy University in Management—Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness and a Bachelor of Science (Magna Cum Laude) in Management for Brenau University. Tony’s experience goes back to 1981 when at seventeen years old he joined the United States Army Infantry. Within months he was a leader and began taking on projects ranging from fields of fire to anti-tank firing positions and multiple weapons placement. Moving to military communications, Tony’s projects grow exponentially culminating with the providing multichannel communications for the World’s largest armored brigade in a thousand square kilometers of desert battle exercise. As a civilian Tony has led various projects from construction to setting up and operating multiplications financial regions. Through his thirty years of experience with projects and leadership and many years of education, Tony has moved from practitioner to practitioner and teacher of project management and leadership. Tony shares his expertise and insight with project mangers all over the country, having trained the representatives of most of the Fortune Five Hundred but also military, police, government, and small business owners alike.

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