CNET Meeting: Board of Directors (members only)

May 6, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Great Wall Restaurant

Consultants’ Network

Consultants’ Network:

Free Dinner starts at 6:00 PM

Meeting starts at 7:00 PM – On-site and Zoom

Members in good standing are encouraged to attend.  If you are unable to attend, then we will also be on Zoom.

Your registration confirmation email contains the Zoom details.

As a group of skilled consultants associated with IEEE Boston Section, CNET offers high value professional services for a diverse audience.

For CNET members:

  1. Professional interactions with peers in a supporting environment.
  2. General information from insiders about the condition of industry.
  3. Practical information exchanges about consulting practice.
  4. Communication improvement across multiple specialties.
  5. Participation in info-professional events on themes of interest.
  6. Opportunity to give presentations and hone speaking effectiveness.
  7. Credibility and visibility within the engineering and technology development community as an IEEE associated consultant.

For engineers interested in becoming consultants:

  1. Basic information on consulting practice requirements.
  2. Participation in events and idea exchanges with industry peers.
  3. Access to established consultants in the area for mentoring.
  4. Opportunities for improving professional communications skills.

For enquirers on CNET services:

  1. Convenient access to local consultants with multi-disciplinary expertise.
  2. Opportunities to enter into consulting agreements without agency fees.
  3. Direct, easy connection with consultants over the CNET web page.
  4. Dealing with consultants with multi-year experience validated by IEEE.

Join us!