Introduction to Blockchain Programming – Canceled


Date: Thursday, February 27, 2020

Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM

WHERE: Crowne Plaza Hotel
15 Middlesex Canal Park Road
Woburn, MA 01801

Decision (Run/Cancel) Date for this Course is Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Speakers: Christine Miyachi, Xerox, Corp.
Ken Miyachi, San Diego Supercomputer Centers BlockLAB

Course Summary: This   is   a   part-lecture/   part-bring-your-own   laptop,   hands-on   course   in   Blockchain programming.    Some   programming   experience   is   required.

After   providing   an   introduction   to   Blockchain,   we’ll   review   cyptography   which   is   an underlying   technology   of   Blockchain.    Then we   will   dive   right   into   Etherum,   the   largest  Blockchain   platform   used   today.    Then   we   will   work   with   crypto-zombies   – an   interactive   code   school   that   teaches   you   to   write   smart   contracts   in   Solidity   through   building   your   own   crypto-collectables   game.   After   that   we’ll   introduce   tools   to   use   Ethereum.    

Target   Audience: Engineers   and   managers   of   engineers   with   some   programming   background   who   want   to understand   the   mechanics   of   Blockchain.   This   is   a   class   with   both   lecture   and   hands   on exercises.  
Goals/benefits   of   attending: You   will   understand   the   basics   of   blockchain   and   know   the   basic   tools   of   programming blockchain.  
 1. Blockchain   Primer
 2. Cryptography   –   Public   and   Private   Key   cryptography   3. Ethereum   Basics   –   programming   in   ethereum
 4. Crypto   Zombies   Tutorial
 5. Ethereum   Tools
 6. ERC   20   Smart   Contract / )
 7. Intro   to   HyperLedger
 8. HyperLedger   Tutorial   –   Hyperledger   Fabric
Prerequisites   (in   this   case,   laptop,   etc.)   A   PC   running   Virtual   Box. There will be   a   Virtual   Box   environment   that   will   be   provided   for the   class.  
Speakers Expertise: Christine   Miyachi   has   almost   30   years   of   experience   working   for   startups   and   large   corporations.   She   writes a   blog   about   software   architecture: .   She   is   currently   a   principal systems   engineer   and   architect   at   Xerox   Corporation   and   holds   several   patents.    She   works   on   Xerox’s Extensible   Interface   Platform which   is   a   software   platform   upon   which   developers   can   use   standard   web-based tools   to   create   server-based   applications   that   can   be   configured   for   the   multi-function   peripheral’s    touch-screen   user interface .  

Christine Miyachi   graduated   from   the   University   of   Rochester   with   a   BS   in electrical   engineering.   She   holds two   MIT   degrees:   an   MS   in   technology   and   policy/electrical   engineering   and   computer   science   and   an   MS   in engineering   and   management.   Chris   is   the   chair   of the   IEEE   Boston   Blockchain   group ( ).   See   more   about   Chris   at  
Ken   has   a   Computer   Science   degree   from   the   University   of   California,   San   Diego   and   is   currently   a   Principal Investigator   at   the   San   Diego   Supercomputer   Centers   BlockLAB   and   the   Chair   for the   IEEE   San   Diego   Blockchain Initiative.   After   working   in  Natural   Language   Processing   and   Blockchain   Development   he  was   extremely interested   in the   potential   of   decentralized   solutions   in the   compliance   and   regulatory   space.   He   is   the   CEO   of   LedgerSafe.   Find more   about   Ken   at   

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