Silicon Errors in Logic, System Effects (SELSE) Workshop

March 21, 2017 @ 8:00 am – March 22, 2017 @ 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Northeastern University - Building #50, Room 2nd Floor Ballroom
360 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Reliability Society

Silicon Errors in Logic, System Effects (SELSE) Workshop

The 13th Workshop on Silicon Errors in Logic – Systems Effects

The growing complexity and shrinking geometries of modern manufacturing technologies are making high-density, low-voltage devices increasingly susceptible to the influences of electrical noise, process variation, transistor aging, and the effects of natural radiation. The system-level impact of these errors can be far-reaching. Growing concern about intermittent errors, unstable storage cells, and the effects of aging are influencing system design and failures in memories account for a significant fraction of costly product returns. Emerging logic and memory device technologies introduce several reliability challenges that need to be addressed to make these technologies viable. Finally, reliability is a key issue for large-scale systems, such as those in data centers. The SELSE workshop provides a forum for discussion of current research and practice in system-level error management. Participants from industry and academia explore both current technologies and future research directions (including nanotechnology). SELSE is soliciting papers that address the system-level effects of errors from a variety of perspectives: architectural, logical, circuit-level, and semiconductor processes. Case studies are also solicited.

Key areas of interest are (but not limited to):

• Technology trends and the impact on error rates.
• New error mitigation techniques.
• Characterizing the overhead and design complexity of error mitigation techniques.
• Case studies describing the tradeoffs analysis for reliable systems.
• Experimental silicon failure data.
• System-level models: derating factors and validation of error models.
• Error handling protocols (higher-level protocols for robust system design).
• Characterization of reliability of systems deployed in the field and mitigation of issues.


Meeting Location: 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts

Building: Curry Student Center, Building #50 – Room Number: 2nd Floor Ballroom

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