IEEE Boston Brain Data Bank Challenge 2020

November 5, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm America/New York Timezone

Sensors Council Chapter and Solid-State Circuits Society Chapter

The 2020 Brain Data Bank Challenge (BDBC-2020) is targeted to expose, discuss and accelerate on-going brain research from around the world.

The Boston session is part of a series of events held with judging locations in Taiwan, Russia, and United States. Some teams from these preliminary rounds will be invited to participate in the final round in Santa Clara, CA, USA.

Others with like interest and curiosity are invited to be in the audience and take advantage of this borderless sharing of state-of-the-art brain research and development.

This meeting will be held virtually. Zoom contact information will be provided to registered attendees.


The 2020 Brain Data Bank Challenge (BDBC-2020) invites topics on brain data analytics to improve the quality of life and safety of senior citizens. Knowing the senior population has been severely impacted by COVID-19, this year’s focus will be on the “Aging Brain”.

We seek to address (some or all) questions below, regarding the aging brain:

How effectively do MRI, EEG, fNIRS, and/or fMRI datasets capture the aging brain?

How does the aging brain respond to non-verbal signal (e.g., vision, facial expression, body language and temperature)?

How can emerging techniques, e.g., Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning, enhance the prediction of brain aging?

How to facilitate ease of use, reliability and protection of brain datasets?

Furthermore, lessons learned from past BDBC presentations have led us to believe:

Using Machine Learning can localize EEG dimensionality with optimized spatial temporal correlation to compress data by 280 fold.

Using AI/Deep Learning can improve dataset performance and prediction sensitivity to above 90%.

Low power CNN microchip with nano-sensor can be implanted for real-time prediction.

3D model manufacturing can make comprehensive brain display cost-effective.


We invite you to sign up as a participant (competing and presenting results) or as an observer (in the audience, not competing) to the challenge.

Registration form to enter the IEEE Brain Data Bank Challenge for the IEEE BDB Challenge can be found here.

Registration to attend as a listener for the Boston session – please use the registration button on this form.


Nan Chu, CWLab International, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Representative in Brain Initiative and Sensors Council
Seth Elkin Frankston, U.S. Army CCDC Soldier Center
Bruce Hecht, VG2PLAY – Contact: Contact:
Saraju Mohanty, University of North Texas
Joseph Wei, Technology Ventures