Whew! What a Year : December 2016 Digital Reflector

This month’s editorial is from yours truly, Kevin Flavin. It was quite a year. We moved to a fully digital reflector, expanding our reach, our capabilities to publish, and reduced our mailing and printing costs. In addition, we’ll be able to have an archive of past Reflectors for members and non-members alike at the touch of a button, or on an iPad. This is also good for our prospective members, to see what we are doing as a Section as well as IEEE in this area. We have received substantive positive reaction, however a couple of disappointing reactions, but we got through them together.

Women in Engineering Forum

We want to draw attention to the informal Holiday Luncheon sponsored by the Women in Engineering group of the Boston Section.

Practical Radio Frequency Printed Circuit Board Design

We’re highlighting this course this month because we are getting a lot of interest in this course as well as our Embedded Linux courses.

Call for Instructors

If you think you have an idea for a course, or would like to teach one that you’ve done before, let’s talk about it. We may be the platform for you! We offer live and online courses for technologists and management. We can help you put your course together or put the structure around it so you can easily teach it to the public.

Call for Technical Articles

The Digital Reflector is, of course, all digital, which means that we have an opportunity to include technical articles for publication that would be of interest to our members and local technology community. Read the Call for Technical Articles on Page 18 of this issue, and start writing!

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